Tarun Bhati’s Vision of Something Different Made Him A Digital Marketing Expert

Have you ever thought about how the digital marketing industry is changing? In an industry that is handling almost all businesses and helping brands establish their print on social media, digital marketing is no mean feat. It was just a decade ago when the Internet was full of digital marketing ideas, and now most of them are truly amazing and alive.

Tarun Bhati is the owner of three different companies at the young age of just 19 years. Dealing with advertising capital, helping local businesses and online stores, Tarun Bhati has a special interest in all these three works, making him known as a versatile person. He started getting young at a very young age of about 15 years. Tarun Bhati had started running Minecraft Server to be self-sufficient, from which he earned a decent amount of money, and called his venture capital-based company Oleada Capital. This company is concerned with giving people various investment options against online stores or any other business as well as giving a stake in companies and local businesses.

Tarun Bhati gives his clients various options to invest in multiple businesses, in his company Oleada Capital, thus further increasing the ROI and stake in the businesses. From an investor to a venture capitalist who offers a wide range of options for people and businesses to invest in this domain, it is only then that he brought a wide range of options in media and digital marketing. Starting out on an advertising platform called WinRobux, these ads help people advertise a variety of apps and enterprises and even run various market research surveys to earn them as game currency called Robux. helps. In addition, his third venture is a media agency, known as Prior Public, that helps people use various advertisements using the platform. 

In addition to the trio, Taun collaborated with other companies, including AdGatemedia and Offertoro, to display their advertisements and conduct surveys on their website – WinRobux. Along with that, he also gives a gaming currency called Robux for every survey and offer to the people with the said website. With his third company – Prior Public, he deals with customers to promote his businesses. Tarun Bhati future plans include taking Oleada Capital to the next level where he intends to rope in several online exchange services to regain his stake in them. For Prior Public, we intend to collaborate with several media agencies, offering the best marketing strategy with quick results and ultimately promoting it using the Youtube platform roping in the top YouTubers for WinRobux.

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