Ja’Monti Wright: The upcoming basketball star who has ignited tremendous opportunities.

Seeking excellence with his immaculate passion, precision, grit and resilience, Ja’Monti Wright is here to turn tables in the game of Basketball.

We have seen and witnessed umpteen number of different sports and games that have now become a popular career choice for millions. Many athletes and sportsmen now train hard every day to enter mainstream sports and play professional representing their country or club. Basketball has been one of the major and popular sport that millions of people follow and love to play. The recent emergence of different tournaments across the globe has given more options, excitement, and energy to play and be a part of the game for many players. One such mazing story and journey of a basketball player has been that of Ja’Monti Wright. Born and brought in Louisville, Kentucky, Ja’Monti loved the game and started playing since he was in 6th grade. Taking lot of inspiration from his cousins and uncle who were established basketball players and were well known locally. He started playing in his grandmothers’ backyard, learning from his uncle and cousin, and developing his game further. 

Initial days of school were hard for Ja’Monti, as he was always involved in some or other fights and was bullied many times. But Ja’Monti was not only tough but also determined to help himself and also his friends who used to get bullied. Always been that protective friend and helpful to others, Ja’Monti was indeed a true friend. Ja’Monti couldn’t play for his school in his 6th grade due to his weight issues but in turned trained hard on his fitness, stamina, agility, and strength to overcome and finally get to play and represent his basketball school team when he was in 7th grade. Being very aggressive in his style of play on the court earned him the name of “dog”. Ja’Monti also earned lot of praise when he hit the game winning shot to win the finals in his 7th grade. 

Moving to North Carolina in his 8th grade and playing for word of good christian academy, Ja’Monti had 2 fabulous games scoring more than 40 points. Inching more towards stardom, Ja’Monti was offered and invited to join the Montverde Academy prior to his 9th grade, but his mom didn’t feel right about letting him stay in the college campus and instead moved back to Louisville, Kentucky. With an objective of featuring into NBA, Ja’Monti has been grinding hard to work on his abilities and strengthen his overall game and skills. Being 6’2 and very athletic, Ja’Monti moves swiftly with the ball in his hands and dunks effortlessly and is a real bully for others on the court. 

With Lebron James being his favourite player, Ja’Monti ultimate wish is to become a gun player in the NBA. We wish Ja’Monti gathers more accolades and awards for himself. 

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