Dental Patients Receive Better and Advanced Dental Care At “NYC Smile Design”

NYCSD is the largest dental network for cosmetic dentists in New York and NYCSD practitioners believe that our dedication, work ethic and natural talent and ability make us stand out in our industry. NYCSD is unique in itself and is constantly developing its craft along with professional development and education. Additionally, each of NYCSD’s physicians having different specialized training can actually dedicate time to work on that training and then as a team the NYCSD practitioners do the best they can to help their patients Can. NYCSD practitioners help to approach very different personalities and treatment plans that best benefit our patients from the technical and psychological aspect.

NYCSD has one of the first practices on the web to provide a comprehensive facility before and after the education and gallery of pathogens, right from the beginning of Dr. Tabib & Dr. Mello felt that it was important not just to show the photos, but to tell the person’s story so that people could relate. Additionally, it felt important to educate the patient at NYCSD while they were on that page of the site, which helped them understand the process. Making it easier for patients to understand and not to switch pages on a site, it seems to have brought many patients to NYCSD and treated them properly.

Dr. Tabib & Dr. Mello has invested all his money in education and has also paid for it. We are probably the largest and most comprehensive before and after gallery on NYCSD’s website that constantly tells patients what helps them understand their options and what to expect. Additionally, NYCSD is constantly contacting young dentists who have learned to help and teach them. Dr. Tabib & Dr. Mello has enjoyed great success which enables 1/2 practice per week with 6 weeks paid leave for the NYCSD team. NYCSD’s highly skilled and experienced team has been with us for a minimum of 8 years to 17 years. NYCSD has prided itself on the work environment it creates which allows NYCSD’s team to grow professionally and financially and close relationships between us. NYCSD has enjoyed treating people who have traveled from all over the world, from famous to not so famous, to the ordinary person looking for quality care in a state-of-the-art care. The ongoing NYCSD efforts to bring better and advanced dentistry to dental patients are supported through ongoing training at several advanced dental institutions across the country. As a result of this dedication and sincere effort to provide the best care to patients, NYCSD has gained national and local recognition in the media.

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