Stündenglass: Taking the smoking devices industry to the next level with its revolutionary glass gravity hookah.

When a winning mentality meets the strong passion for transforming a certain industry, everything becomes possible, says the CEO and founder, Tracey Huston.

For all those people who dream and wish to live a life of luxury and those who wish to try all the exotic things in life, here is a big surprise for you in the form of Stündenglass. Wondering what is this all about? Well, it is a California based brand that has been taking the smoking devices industry to the next level and how. The mind behind the brand, Tracey Huston, has been an ex-Apple employee, and without having experience before about reengineering things, went ahead with the vision to create a luxurious new technology that can take people into a completely new world of smoking devices; this is when Stündenglass come into the picture. 

Stündenglass is the Gen-Z in the hookah industry that is growing differently and making a unique place for itself in the space overall. It has been named Stündenglass, which in German means hourglass for the hourglass-like design of the device that instantly makes users fall for it. It is a contactless gravity-powered device for delivering water-filtered smoke. Wondering how it works? Well, it has large rotating glass chambers which acts as an hourglass. The user needs to fill the bottom container with water, which leaves the top half empty. After igniting the source, the user must flip the chambers 180 degrees. This leads to negative air forces causing the smoke to pull through the falling water into the empty chamber that is on the top side. Flipping the chamber one more time makes the smoke expel by the falling water through the mouthpiece. Depending on how far they turn the hourglass, users can control the amount of smoke being pushed out.

There are several pros of this amazing technology; some of them are that it works for herb, concentrates and hookah, is very easy to clean, has a very elegant and unique design, produces smooth draws, and also has a 10-year warranty. As a gravity hookah, it is an engineering masterpiece and offers people safety by offering contactless water hookah pipe. Gain more insights about the same through Instagram @studenglass.

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