Have A Dream? Go Pursue Them- Ali Saghilm.

Being successful is not just earning money, it is earning money smartly. Ali Saghilm has very similar beliefs. 

This young man has become a popular social media sensation, currently living in Los Angeles CA. He has managed to earn a lot of money in just a small time span, currently making six figures through his stock market trading. Stock market trading intrigued him from a very young age and he started to watch some financial videos in order to make money off it, but the online information was not enough for him and he needed an expert advice, this is the reason why he researched a lot and learn more about it from various websites. This took him a very long time because such courses are not found easily and they are rather time consuming. This is the reason why he has opened up his own discord server to impart knowledge so that no one else has to face a similar situation, he wants other people to learn about stock market trading too but he wants to make it easy for them. Since he knows the true value of knowledge and how difficult it is for a person to grow financially, the discord server has more than 50,000 people in it, Ali Saghilm along with Gavin Mayo provide all necessary information. 

He was not interested in the subject that were taught in school like biology and social Sciences come up they were of no importance to him because this knowledge was not going to help him in the future. Yet he wants to pursue his higher degrees, having a dream too get a degree in corporate law and also a Masters in business administration. These courses are going to help him out greatly, adding to his plus points.

Ali Saghilm happens to be a great social media Influencer. He has been making videos on his social media platforms for almost three years now, this is the reason why his accounts are pretty popular with more than 300,000 followers. The entertaining content that he puts up is pretty enjoyable by the followers, and is age appropriate so that people can watch them freely without being exposed to specific information that they should not be exposing themselves to at a certain age. It is content like this that never goes unnoticed because it has entertainment as well as educational value, he makes sure to provide motivation to the younger generation so that they can also do better. After all, people should be thinking about their future and no temporary factors in life.

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