Enthralling and inspiring other youngsters as an e-commerce genius is Bryce Monkivitch.

He is a Leading Australian e-commerce CEO, supporting online jobs and upskilling workers in the Philippines.

There is a set of people who believe in running behind only one goal that may take them towards their success, while there are other individuals who believe in solving a problem, being of help to others by creating businesses that can even transform lives. Very few people have been able to ace this entrepreneurial game all on their own, and the ones who have done it are those who have stood strong in front of adversities and pushed the envelope to do something different. Bryce Monkivitch, a young Australian e-commerce entrepreneur, is all about this and much more, who has raised the bar for others, not just with women’s fashion brands but also with apps that help manage staff and micro workers.

He is the man who believed in his visions and instead of giving up in the wake of the challenges he faced, he chose to overcome the same and built a career for himself; he could take pride in all his life. Bryce Monkivitch is the owner of four successful female fashion brands, and the main business is Sincere Sally that sells women’s fashion, sportswear, swimwear and accessories in both the Australian market and the U.S and now brings the equivalent of more than USD $1 million annually. He went ahead in building two apps in 2019 to manage staff and micro workers. This gave him the respect he has earned today because it is an online system, providing job opportunities to thousands of people globally and also helping them learn new skills using the online learning modules/training. Now, that’s what we call a modern-day entrepreneur who knows how to solve a problem and meet a need.

Interestingly, Bryce Monkivitch has also been a professional MMA fighter between 2009-2011 and, since a few years, has completely immersed himself in the digital space, becoming the sought-after online entrepreneur, marketing genius and globetrotter he is today. “Having strong relationships with everyone I meet in the business world is what has helped me get to where I am today,” he confesses. Apart from four women’s fashion brands, he also has one male jewellery brand and an online store in home decor.

Do follow him on Instagram @sir.bryce and his brand @sinceresallyboutique to know more.

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