Meet John Guaman, the college dropout who made his first million at 23.

This young man has excelled as an entrepreneur and investor in the online space with his brilliant mind. 

Some young go-getters achieve a lot more at an age when people are trying to figure out where to head towards in life. They attain a commanding position and accomplish things which only a few can dream of. We have a young man amongst us who has done exceptionally well in his career and still moving ahead with fast pace to get more, he is John Guaman, a 24 year old entrepreneur & investor from Danbury, Connecticut, who has created his distinct niche with his impeccable work. This Hispanic American kid always wanted to make a difference and do something which would make him stand out well than the rest. Seeing his parents lead a tough life to bring him up, all he wanted while growing up was financial security that would help him create a better future. He entered the digital arena five years back and has grown exponentially in that space. To people’s surprise he has been able to generate millions of dollars in sales and created multiple seven figures, which is impressive indeed. Having reached the pinnacle of success at a young age, John is now on a mission to help others achieve their dreams by generating income for themselves under his guidance. He is also involved in property investments along with creating his crypto portfolio. 

So, what exactly does John do that makes him one of the best in the entrepreneurial world? He is involved as a top affiliate for a online trading & entrepreneur academy at present. He started off when he was 19, having no idea about marketing or trading. He learnt it all from his roommate who was an expert in this field and was doing exceptionally well in stocks. John says this friend of his inspired him to such an extent that he decided to plunge deep into the subject, and started studying how to trade stocks, forex and cryptos. It took him almost year to master it all and finally when he was ready, started to share his results and became an affiliate for an educational platform which he is involved with right now. “I studied everything I could about marketing both online and offline, going through every personal development material I could lay my hands on. I would confess that these learnings helped me grow my customer base and readied me to face the challenges that came along the journey,” says John. 

Today, John has generated millions in sales and built a customer base in huge numbers. He has also built an impressive portfolio of 7 figures in the crypto space. His future plans include starting his own charity Life By Design Foundation in the near future. 

Follow him on to know more. 

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