The success story of the name behind ‘Quieres TacosWay’ – Gabriel Barajas.

Success doesn’t come easy, and he has come up to excel in his business the hard way.

Gabriel has brought his Mexican food joint at par with other top restaurants in the country, and the credit goes to his hard work and perseverance which has made his venture a raging success of present times. The story of ‘Quieres TacosWay’ dates back to the time when the brain behind it Gabriel Barajas was born in San Fernando. The family soon moved to Concecion De Buenos Aires in Jalisco, Mexico, when he was just 5. As his father used to work in Gracianas Tortillas back in San Fernando, he started selling tortillas, a business which Gabriel joined as he grew. Selling tortillas in neighbouring ranches and towns, the family were content in whatever they earned. The importance of hard work and providing for the family were instilled in Gabriel from a young age. Despite the finances they were happy in their modest lives. 

After a while they were back in San Fernando, and his father started a Mexican furniture store which picked up momentum in sometime and that ked to them opening a second outlet which went through some financial setbacks and to sustain themselves, Gabriel started selling hotdogs. “times were tough but we went through it and eventually opened up a restaurant selling torrillas, which was named as TacosWay,” informs Gabriel. The restaurant was not doing well initially as he was trying his best to get it on track, working for 16 long hours, all days a week. He had decided not to give up his dream and kept on trying hard to make it a success. There were various attempts to market the restaurant well that even included creating a theme song for it written by his friend Eddie and coming out with a video of the same. Slowly the video started gaining attention on social media and people started coming in out of curiosity. Such was the impact that the restaurant was back in business. 

There was enough buzz generated on social media that it led to a drastic increase in their business and everyone wanted to try their famous tacos and fries. TacosWay had finally arrived. Today, Gabriel’s restaurant is four years old and has four more branches opened up which are doing exceptionally well. Gabriel with his hard work and passion got his brand to such high levels of success and has emerged as a role model for many trying to set their foot in the world or entrepreneurship.

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