Nikolay Shkilev brings his expertise to the world of cryptocurrency:

Nikolay Shkilev is one of the most sought-after names in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency industry. His expertise lies in the ICO bench and has twenty years of experience under his belt. Skhilev’s sustained efforts have led him to numerous accolades such as the ‘Self-Made Russia’ award, ‘Best ICO advisor’ award and ‘Super TOP’ award in the Blockchain Life summit. He even started his own business called ‘Private Business Club’ and co-founded ‘Top ICO advisors’.

In his two decades in the Blockchain industry, Nikolay has gathered first-hand experience in various avenues like medicine, FMCG, logistics, the IT sector, et cetera. And his expertise in the subject and his accolades kept on cementing his place as a mentor and advisor to people in the ICO and STO sectors of the Blockchain industry. While he receives hundreds of deals daily, he is very selective about the ones he picks. He makes sure that the firms have a firm team and products as he believes that while he will definitely give in his everything to nudge them in the right direction, the firms do need to have a firm base to build upon.

On being asked about what tilted him towards the direction of blockchain, Nikolay says that it all started way back in his teen years when he first read about the industry. Blockchain was at its very infancy at that point in time and that’s what intrigued him the most, the prospect of something new. At that very point of them, he realized the heights this business could reach. He compared it to the advent of the internet. In the very same way the people who failed to recognize the importance of the Internet have lost out on their business, Nikolay believes that the Blockchain industry will have similar aftermath on the market in the coming years. Blockchain is a revolution that will change the course of how markets operate completely very shortly. And the faster the people catch up, the better. The section of the market that master the business fast will be laid in riches while the others will be losing out.

Everybody in the business admires Shkilev for his expertise, his skill set but most importantly, because of his nature. He takes inspiration from entrepreneurs who made it right from scratch. These include the likes of Jeff Bezos and Jack Ma, the founder of two of the biggest retail sites in the world, namely, Amazon and Alibaba.

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