NYC Luxury proves that teamwork makes the dreamwork:

One of the best Jewellery stores in the Diamond district as of now is NYC Luxury. The store offers a huge collection of products and creates the best custom jewellery pieces. The members who work hard day and night to keep up the name of the NYC Luxury Jewellers are Gavriel D, Izzy A, Moses D, Michael, Eden B, Tyler J. All of them have a beautiful bond that goes beyond NYC Luxury.

The NYC Luxury jewellery idea was by Izzy’s partner Gavriel. Izzy and Gavriel are childhood friends, they have known each other since the 8th grade. At first, Izzy was hesitant about the efficacy of Gavriel’s plan but soon joined the team in 2017. Since then, NYC Luxury has been flourishing under Izzy’s guidance.

This team’s work and their coordination is the ultimate reason for the success of the jewellery store. There are only two main founders of NYC Luxury, Gavriel D and his partner Izzy A. Through the years, NYC Luxury has established itself as not only a high-end jewellery boutique but also a store that provides custom jewellery worthy of any celebrity.

One of the NYC LUXURY team members named Eden B says “The best thing about working at NYC LUXURY is definitely the environment. With our different approaches to customer service, I get to feel more relaxed and friendly with my clientele. From going out to dinners, exclusive events, night clubs & travelling the world to toasts after a large ticket sale – my clientele loves the experience that comes with owning a timepiece from us and celebrating with us.”  Eden B is grateful to be a member of the NYCLuxury family where he can be productive, show his skills and improve every day. To have your own teammate to be without any complaints is surely a sign that you are on the right track!

As of now, Izzy A has experience of working as a jewellery designer for more than 11 years and is a famous jeweller in the diamond district. In the future, Izzy A wants to focus on designs inspired by Hip-Hop culture. The store has started designing jewellery on a “timeless” aesthetic. Izzy A is confident that this new idea that they have started working on will give the customers more value for their money when they come shopping in NYC Luxury.

If you want to know more about NYC LUXURY by visiting their website:

You can also follow them on Instagram-

Book an appointment with them or for any kind of queries you can also Call: 833-434-1993 or Email:

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