Bringing A Positive Change In The American Hiring System: Rhett Lindsey

The American hiring system has been deeply flawed, with over 90% of the big corporations from USA following the applicant tracking system, which does not allow diversity in working environment. Similarly, Rhett Lindsey knows this system very closely and has worked along with such companies, facing his fair share deal of racism and overcoming hurdles to actually put forward his talents.

Rhett Lindsey is the founder of Siimee, a very important social impact platform that has the basic goal of eliminating biased and hypocritical ways of hiring in all phases come up and transform the way job seekers connect with employers.

Similarly, the main goal of Siimee is also to make sure that they are providing purposeful as well as equitable connexion experiences, focusing on people by evaluating their talents an looking up their skills or specialisation fields, instead of their ethnic background or racial background. Their aim is also to provide with possibilities and opportunities to job seekers, so that they do not have to undergo an unjust hiring process, which overlooks their specialisation area and prioritises their culture. 

He finds inspiration from his mother and mentions her as a true woman of character and strength, Lindsey preaches his mother for her large contribution towards his future, and a true role in exposing him to other cultures and experiences outside their neighbourhood surroundings.

After leaving Facebook in around November 2020, last year, he went on to an interview with Washington Post, exposing the several metrics that the company has adopted throughout its hiring process which actually do not focus on recruiting diverse talent. Some people might be surprised, but it is not very alien of affect for us individuals because we have always known how much diversity brings down the success factor of a person in the real world. In the time span of 11 months that Rhett Lindsey worked there, he carefully observed the various potential candidates that were rejected just because they did not culturally fit into the company. Wondering how many outstanding talents gets rejected on a regular basis just because of their diversity? Too many probably, and Rhett Lindsey is here to fight that tooth and nail.

With such ideologies and leadership, Rhett Lindsey is going to bring about a lot of positive change in the society, and make people believe in justified hiring system once again.

To know more about Siimee, you can check out their website: 

You can also follow Rhett Lindsey himself, on his Instagram profile:

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