Here’s Why Global Business Publication FortuneZ is Your Best Bet For Accurate Info:

FortuneZ was founded in 2000 is a global media publication. The company covers various financial topics including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Binance (BNB), Decentralized Finance or DeFi, Ethereum, and Non-Fungible Token or NFT. In 2019 the company was acquired by Herbert R. Sim. Other than being the chairman of FortuneZ, Herbert R. Sim is also an advisor and investor in FortuneZ. The company is managed by other top names such as Maria Khramtsova- CEO of FortuneZ, Francine Jansen- COO of FortuneZ and Nadiia Osmokesku- Editor in Chief of FortuneZ.

FortuneZ provides accurate information about blockchain and cryptocurrency, it also publishes reliable news and information about financial markets which includes information on foreign exchange trading, stocks, and markets. For those who want to be updated on the latest information on financial technology or the FinTech industry, FortuneZ has a separate section for it. All the information that is published is fact-checked and referenced to allow investors to make well-informed decisions.

Herbert Sims believes “Over 2.12 million adults in the United States actually own and invest in cryptocurrencies. This proves the relevance of cryptocurrencies in modern times. For this reason, FortuneZ wants to be a reliable source of information for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors.” said Herbert Sim, chairman of FortuneZ. “

FortuneZ has the highest standard of accuracy which includes expert editorial and packaged with the highest production quality. The goal of the global publication media is to reflect their commitment to quality and integrity by upholding their journalistic values. They believe their print, digital, and live products aim to inform, delight, illuminate, and help our readers, viewers, and attendees. 

FortuneZ is extremely fast in publishing reliable news. This is one of the major reasons behind their popularity. They have gained massive success on social media as they have a number of followers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It is the go-to publication for a reliable source for news and information on the financial market and gaming. They make sure they publish and reports without bias to FortuneZ owners and partners.

FortuneZ has collaborated with several renowned companies which include Sigma, CEO world, AIBC Summit, Crypto chain University and wardrobe trend fashion. They are looking forward to becoming the top media in iGaming and crypto in the industry. By building trust with the readers by providing appropriate information they have become reached the top publication media in the industry.

To know more about FortuneZ you can check out their social media handle and their website (link given below)

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