Craig Siegel talks about his motive behind creating the Cultivate Lasting Symphony brand:

Craig Siegel is a Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, Mindset Coach and Breakthrough Manufacturer. Although lucrative, Craig left his stable career on Wall Street to go all-in on his passion and purpose during the Pandemic.  Craig Siegel is the person who began the Cultivate Lasting Symphony (CLS). He is very organised and driven by a purposeful kind of person. CLS is about transformation. To cultivate that edge that lasts forever, to empower one by changing their entire mindset and what they thought was possible for them in life. One must keep on growing and expanding their knowledge through experience.

“We’ve done a tremendous amount in a very short amount of time. CLS has exploded and I want you to help us take it to another stratosphere”, says Craig Siegel. 

Hope, Faith, Transformation, and Progress are the four things that CLS keeps in mind while they are working.  He wants to change people’s perspectives through CLS and hopes to create a better future for us all. Mr Siegel is also the host of the record-breaking podcast, The CLS Experience where he talks about several topics which he feels would do better with more recognition and of course, as per the name, he also talks about Cultivate Lasting Symphony and its mission in the world.

Mr Craig Siegel showed us their list of Successes to date: 

• Featured in Entrepreneur; Tapped as the next Gary Vee

• Keynote Speaker to the alumni of St. John’s University about revamping your 

the mindset in addition to the north of 20 summits and speaking engagements

• Crossed 100,000 downloads for the award-winning and record-breaking podcast.

• Featured on Wake Up With Marci (CBS award-winning talk show) and Biz TV All In 

With Bryan Weatherford 

• Sold out 10 back-to-back programs since launching CLS in 2020, including 

masterminds and private coaching which is now multi 7 figures. 

Mr Craig says that they are working on new things and there are big surprises where it 

includes starting a Foundation called Special People Rise which will help the kids to get mentors at a young age so they can have guidance and build confidence which will help them in their near future. 

To know more about Cultivate Lasting Symphony, check out their website:

To stay updated and know more about Craig Siegel, follow him on his social media outlets (links are given below). He loves to connect with his followers and always keep an eye out to meet like-minded people.






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