Escaping from the common world — Pablo Valero

Pablo Valero is an ordinary person with an extraordinary approach to life. While doing an office job needs patience, but leaving one needs some extra courage. Pablo wants to bring joy to his life and others around him. But that’s hard to do if he’s not happy either. Having lived in Monterrey, Mexico, this twenty-five-year-old is all about seeking new opportunities from life. Loss of a monthly income is tough on anyone, no one wants to quit a secured job. But it’s easier if one has planned well, it is not much of a hurdle then.

Pablo Valero used to have an office job after graduating. He has a business degree in Commerce and International Business. Leaving a corporate rat race job is not as easy as it sounds. But Pablo had made up his mind. He is not a very individual, but an ordinary person just like us. But what makes him different is approach towards life. 

After choosing to leave his 9 to 5 job a long time ago, he decided to work for the biggest cruise line in the world; Royal Caribbean International. He has to do some sports like rock climbing wall, skydiving, etc. One huge advantage for him is the job satisfaction and efficient time management that comes with it. Pablo is happy with his job, and that makes the joy of traveling around even better. He is not the kind of person who is unhappy with what he does and still thrives in it. But he has met many new people on the ship, and communicating with them makes his day even better. Pablo cares less about money and more about exposure to a new life. 



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