Jessica Mack’s Blog Has The Best Healthy Recipes for you!

People have become extremely health conscious these days, especially because they want to boost their immune system and keep themselves fit physically. Henceforth, maintaining a healthy diet is extremely important besides having regular body activity, or exercising on a regular basis. Coming up with the best recipes is Jessica Mack, who has managed to run her very successful blogging page called more than meatless Monday.

Since Jessica Mack also happens to be a very well-known occupational therapist, besides being a lifestyle expert, content creator, chef, certified personal trainer and food blogger, she is also popular for her multi-talented areas of interest. 

“I think I stopped eating meat when I was only five years old, and since then I have always looked up to healthy alternatives rather than meat and other animal derived products. Because I was extremely interested in reading about different recipes from magazines and books, they helped me greatly. Although I stopped practising as a therapist because of my illnesses impact, I do not really regret it because it allowed me to participate in the other activities in my life. This is when I started to share my food recipe online, with the help of social media platforms.” Says Jessica Mack. Currently, she runs an official blogging page that is solely dedicated to healthy alternative options.

Over the years, her biggest challenge has been her health since she had to not only overcome fatigue, but also extensive weight loss and muscle contractures. Since she had a lot of faith and belief in herself, all these challenges never got the best of her and she was finally able to overcome a lot of these difficulties, focusing solely on her blog. Staying connected with the community online was extremely helpful for her, because of the strong support from everyone. In fact, her husband comes friends and family also played a huge role, special mention must be made of her daughter since raising her has been a truly healing process. Apart from this, exercise and meditation must also be maintained, according to Jessica Mack. After all, diet alone cannot heal you.

Make sure you follow the blog so that you can also note down some really amazing recipes. Moreover, since Jessica Mack also provides virtual cooking classes, you can look forward to that too in case you want to learn from the best. the social media details have been provided below:

Instagram: @drjessicamack @morethanmeatlessmonday

Twitter: @morethanmeatle1


Virtual cooking classes:

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