Born and raised in Chicago, Michael Drager, who is also known as Draco- is a rising personality in social media mogul. He is also a talent manager, entrepreneur, and future household name. With him, we must also introduce Draco Enterprises, Drager’s startup company and passion project, which currently boasts some of the most beautiful as well as talented rising modelling talent in the industry. 

He considers that his first exposure to the world of adult entertainment was through his grandfather’s business, an upscale gentlemen’s club located in Chicago that saw many years of success before his passing. His recently published adult entertainment site http://www.dracogirls.com will bring a new spin to the classic way of enjoying the work of the adult industry. 

Eager to create his own legacy in the adult industry, Drager pursued the goal of one day building his own empire, which is now beginning with his journey into the adult industry and will be followed by his expansion into mainstream entertainment media, like film and TV. He emphasizes pursuing his dream until it is a reality, no matter what amount of work it will take. 

Drager’s sharp management and marketing skills, a keen eye for trends, and passion for creating an engaging and memorable brand have much to do with the notable success of his (extremely young) corporation and its models. In less than a year, Draco Enterprises’ leading model in her Instagram @trippie_bri h generates a 6-figure monthly income in her personal ambitions. Along with her fitness model Instagram page @bubble.gum.bri which has gathered millions of impressions weekly, she is growing successful overnight.

Those who are working hard in their journey will face uncertainties and losses, but bad times pass and as it is passed, we learn a valuable lesson. One who understands the importance of the lesson learnt and utilizes what they have experienced then will be a step closer to success. Drager has got to learn his lesson gradually and is already taking the initial steps in expanding his brand by branching out into several other forms of media and entertainment, with some more mainstream work that will be public soon. Draco is also set to launch his own production company very soon, with a promise to keep things fun and fresh, without compromising on quality.

Follow him on Instagram to take a sneak peek into this entrepreneur’s personal life:

Instagram- https://z-p42.www.instagram.com/dracoxxvii/

You can also check out Michael Drager on his website to get the latest updates:

Website- https://dracogirls.com/

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