Pierre Subeh is more than just an public figure:

Pierre Subeh is climbing the stairs of success and is known for his way of advocating for the Middle Eastern Representation and pushing the U.S. Department of state and The White House under the Biden-Harris administration to recognize April as the national Arab American Heritage Month. 

He owns and operates X Curaçao, the Caribbean’s largest digital billboard network and has studied psychology and human behaviour. Pierre Subeh is now an author, award-winning executive producer and the best business’s expert. 

Mr Subeh recently launched the Tech-Giant Apple in the developing Caribbean Islands. He said, “Tech-giants always focus on major cities across the globe, and developing communities such as the Caribbean islands are often left forgotten. However, as a 22-year-old leader in my industry, I’m making that very difference. We convinced Apple to advertise on our network in the Caribbean which is the spark of a new wave, a movement that will inspire tech and development to come to niche areas such as the beautiful island of Curaçao, which can serve as a phenomenal business hub for entrepreneurs and startups”.

Pierre Subeh is launching a new TV show called “Pierre Explains Everything”, which is streaming on YouTube, Facebook Watch and Amazon Prime Video. “My show is going to make education fun again, we send our kids to school and pay a fortune to attend universities, but we barely know about how business works in real life and how the world revolves around us—I plan to make that leap which will educate millions of aspiring leaders, corporate professionals, and audiences of all ages”, says Pierre 

Pierre’s hard work got him featured for his business expertise on Forbes, The Washington Post, Yahoo News, CNBC, and The New York Post. Pierre Subeh has published the book “Building Wealth Through An Army Of Loyal Customers”, as it is available on Amazon, launched in May. He wants to guide one by building a strong customer base through never-heard-before methods and selling happiness instead of a product or service.

Pierre Subeh says, “Business is the skeleton of today’s society; learning how to master it gives anyone, regardless of their race, age, or background—the tools to leverage opportunities around them and upgrade every aspect of their lives. I make it my mission to help educate through a modern and intriguing journalistic approach.” He believes that it is important to remember that Business is the spine of the economy. It is you, who will take it to a next level.

If you want to know more about Pierre Subeh, follow him on Instagram https://instagram.com/pierresubeh?utm_medium=copy_link and he is also on Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/pierre_subeh?lang=en

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