Shawn Meaike, the most inspiring man who built his company Family First Life with his own strategies and hard work:

You can achieve anything you want to with a great attitude & mindset. No success and nor rewards come from those who idle by and let life pass them by – Shawn Meaike. 

Shawn Meaike is the founder and the CEO of the multi-million-dollar company, Family First Life. He has built the company on his own. He launched the Family First Life company in 2013. In the first year of business, it generated over 10 million in paid premium. Shawn says that this company puts both the families of its clients and agents’ life first.  Now, the company represents 17,000 licensed agents in 50 states. Family First Life has reached over 600 million dollars in issued paid premiums. 

“Family First Life is an Independent Marketing Organization helping families with their life insurance, retirement planning and retirement protection needs. We place the families we serve and the families of our agents first. Our goal is to have the highest-paid agents in the industry, as well as serving more families than any other IMO. After a very successful, but unfulfilling career in Social Work, I needed something different more in life. A different life vision, it became wanting to help the most families possible in a way that works for clients and allowed me to have uncapped income.” says Shawn Meaike. 

He said that this company gradually changed the mindset of their agents and people and it made one believe that they could reach out and help countless numbers of people. Their agents created profitable careers for themselves. Shawn Meaike says that Family First Life will be a billion company by the 4th quarter of 2022. They are known in the insurance industry as MARKET DISRUPTOR. Shawn Maeike shows us their growth from year to year.

2014 – $12,142,669.24

2015 – $23,777,817.87

2016 – $25,827,953.80

2017 – $43,241,236.91

2018 – $61,246,287.60

2019 – $98,334,069.61

2020 – $191,131,474.60

2021 – $139,664,677.21

Shawn Meaike is a very motivating person and his energy, strategies are unmatchable. He wants to reach out to more people globally so he could help their families. Shawn never knew that Family First Life will be a multi-million company but due to his consistency and dedication towards his work he has made his dreams come true and he also believes that those who will strive hard and stays positive throughout their journey are the ones who will be living their dream.

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