Here’s all you need to know about Andrew Taylor- the founder of FFL USA:

Andrew Taylor is the owner of the record-breaking insurance agency Family First Life USA. Apart from being the board member of Family First Life USA, he is also the managing partner of Integrity Marketing Group. 

After completing his basic education, Andrew started his career working as a grocery bagger for a certain supermarket but was not satisfied with his job and wanted to do something else and create fame for himself. By chance, a customer gave Andrew the famous book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” written by Robert Kiyosaki. After reading this book Andrew was very much influenced by it and this book had changed Andrew’s life entirely. He was now a different man full of influence and motivation to reach higher and do something substantial in life. 

It was at this moment that one of his school friend’s Paul had introduced him to the world of insurance. And the teaching from the book showed him the way that he did not have anything to lose but had the whole world to gain. Andrew was just 18 when he joined the insurance work, realising that he had the power and talent to sell. He also continued his study while he was working. 

Initially, he was not good at his job but soon his determination gained him success. It was Family First Life that had given him a chance to explore his prowess and allowed him to get the leads, training, compensation and all the stuff required in the year 2014. In the very first year, Andrew became the topmost agent of this industry by creating a 500k dollar insurance sale. While working and gaining experience Andrew’s mindset changed and he understood the concept of building an independent agency. 

Family first life USA has been training more than 16 agencies helping over 500 agents in the year 2021 so that they can make over 100K dollars by themselves. Andrew had over 2400 agents get paid over 16 million dollars as commission. Andrew is married to his beautiful wife Nicole and now they have a baby boy name atlas. Family First Life USA is projected to earn over 300 million dollars in revenue in the current year. 

If you want to know more about Andrew Taylor and Family First Life USA, you can simply check out their social media handles (link down below)

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