A success story worthy of inspiring others- Kartik Anand:

Entrepreneurship is not easy, today every one of us wants to start our own business but only countable ones get success. Taking up risk, having patience, dedication and hard work it takes all to be a successful entrepreneur. But the most important trait that one must have is the leadership feature. Being an entrepreneur also needs to be familiar with certain failures in its way of success, accepting and learning from those is a wise decision to make rather than giving it all up. Giving up is easy. Leading a team with a well-versed plan calculating all the successes and losses in the way is all it takes. One such exemplary individual, Mr Kartik Anand says, “I have always believed that it’s not what you do but how you do it that makes a difference.” 

Kartik Anand is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Kings Group Venture LLC. He is also known for being the Chairman and CEO of XDBS Corporation. Anand shares his words and experience of how innovative thinking and planning and keeping up with the latest technology has helped him to grow as an entrepreneur. Subsequently, leading a successful business globally, Kartik Anand then very effectively has been able to expand the group to different industries. The publishing and media companies provide content and marketing facilities to IT across the world. KGV also has top quality service for laundry and dry-clean that is backed by high defining tech process. It also deals with premium cars. 

According to Kartik, the biggest challenge has been to put the pieces of a puzzle together to achieve the next desired vision, while driving a profitable business. He says “Right from team building to managing employees, every step involves engagement, leadership challenges, and minor struggles along the way. But it’s essential to take over the reins, trust your grit and hang in there. Our people-first culture distinguishes us from the rest. We appreciate the good talent and entrust them to deliver earnestly.”

Planning every step and moving forward with every situation in mind, Kartik Anand says “As a leader, I have focused on guiding the business trajectory, including all aspects from funding, strategy, resourcing & foremost – ensuring an employee-friendly culture.” 

It is important to have faith in yourself to reach the goal in your life. There is a lot more to know about Kartik Anand and his several ventures. If you wish to take a closer look, check out the links mentioned below:






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