Filmmaker, story-teller, explorer, podcast host, influencer, content creator; Dakota Wint is all these and beyond:

Dakota Wint has grabbed all the titles besides his name mentioned in the heading. He has successfully proven to be a multi-tasker and a multi-faceted personality. From making aesthetic and highly produced films to incorporating excellent stories, he has impeccably nailed his career. He is a well-known famous influencer and content creator. He has a knack for travelling and had made travelling an intrinsic part of his life. 

He has collaborated with famous and popular names like Alex Grey, Ram Dass, Tommy Chong, Krishna Das, Kat Graham. Though he does not have any awards or noteworthy recognition, he and his fans are proud of his podcast and YouTube channel. His YouTube channel has nearly half a million subs and of the amazing guests he had collaborated with.

After travelling the Middle East he moved to Peru, where he spent 6 months living amongst an Amazonian tribe called the Shipibo. The Shipibo are a visionary shamanic and ritualistic group of people living in the remote jungles in a few different areas like Iquitos or Pulculpa. The Shipibo are the heirs to a mystical world of plant magic – having an extensive catalogue and knowledge of the medicinal plant species from their area, often referring to the jungle as their “Farmacia” or pharmacy. The Shipibo are best known for their ceremonial ritual with their medicine called “Oni” or what’s better known to the world as Ayahuasca.

From here, having been exposed to a world that he didn’t know was possible outside mythology, the world of visionary Shamanism. He could not stop himself from continuing this pilgrimage inward through the doorway and method of the plants mixed with how well Yoga compliments this path. He found himself in Mexico on and off for nearly 2 years, where he still currently lives, learning about the shamanic practices found in the indigenous communities there. He spent a significant amount of time with the Mazatecas of Oaxaca, the lineage of famous healer Maria Sabina – who arguably introduced the mainstream world to the psychedelic experience and a profound “alternative” way of healing.

There are so many incredible awakening experiences Dakota has gained from his travels, both as a spiritualist’s as well as a globe-trotter’s point of view. He’s also delighted to be able to share the experiences of these native groups with the broader audience. In case you wish to know more about these stories, follow Dakota Wint on:






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